Why New Pacific

New Pacific’s flagship property is Silver Sand, located in the historic silver-rich region of Potosí in Bolivia.

With $37.5 million in working capital and the backing of two major silver producers, we’re drilling 50,000 meters – initial results out soon.



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Silver Sand Project | New Pacific Metals



Recent Highlights

  • July 2017 – Acquired the Silver Sand project for US$40 million
  • October 2017 – Received drill permits, started 30,000 metre drilling program
  • November 2017 – Announced strategic private placement with Pan American Silver
  • 2018 – Drilling program expanded to 50,000 metres. Results expected soon



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Five significant mineralization zones have been identified, with Zone 1’s mineralization extending over 1,600 m long, almost 80 m wide and over 350 m deep.

“One of the takeaways that I had from the project is that I think the project is a lot bigger than New Pacific thinks it is”
– Peter Megaw, co-founder of MAG Silver Corp

“We believe the Silver Sand project has the potential to be a district scale silver project that could attract a potential buyout in the next few years.”
– Joe Reagor, analyst at ROTH Capital Partners


Backed by strategic partners

Our largest shareholders are Silvercorp Metals, the largest primary silver producer in China, and Pan American Silver, the world’s second largest primary silver producer, which operates the San Vicente mine in Bolivia.









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Why New Pacific