Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Mission Statement

We are an exploration development company that is committed to conducting our business in a sustainable manner.  We embrace innovation, diversity, CSR systems, technical excellence, and a culture that drives business excellence, minimizes CSR impacts, and creates long-term value for our stakeholders.

Guiding Principles

  • Meet or exceed all applicable legislation, regulations and other requirements and standards.

  • Establish a CSR management system with objectives and procedures for evaluating progress, minimizing social impacts and the transferring best practices.

  • Develop and implement sustainable social investment initiatives through cooperation and participation with local communities and governments.

  • Provide employees with the training, education, capabilities, knowledge, resources and incentives necessary to act as ambassadors for the company and achieve excellence in stakeholder engagement. 

  • Promote local employment and procurement as well as identifying opportunities to collaborate with stakeholders to improve quality of life.

  • Promote transparent and continuous and open engagement with all our stakeholders,

  • Support equality, diversity, and inclusion in our business.

  • Play a leading role in promoting Sustainable practice which will contribute to sustainable development within our operational areas.

We expect all staff and contractors to recognize their personal responsibility under this policy and their right to report openly any issues of concern.

Corporate Social Responsibility